SFT eliminates the well-known problem of bags being often tough to open. Even in thin, economy, single-use bags---e.g. laundry, trash, carry, produce, sandwich, freezer, leaf, utility---in short, any flat sidewelded bag or any side-gusseted bag.

"Opens first time, every time"™ can now be offered in economy bags, the biggest market segment.

Licensing available for qualified manufacturers, marketers, retailers, supermarkets, and corporate users.

End-user advantages for marketing:

   Hygiene advantage
  Economic advantage

  lead to your advantage through:
 Industry strategic implications

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SNAP Film Technologies (SFT) is a technology development and licensing company.

SFT owns intellectual property (IP) that eliminates the "hard-to-open" problem in common plastic bags.

Our core patents were approved (2007) in the EU and USA, and since then elsewhere. Further IP is contained in a new application to the USPTO. Additional IP in various sectors, including blown-film technology, is in the pipeline.

SFT does not manufacture bags. Instead, we License manufacturers, suppliers, and major users, etc., who may (according to need) make and sell, commission and sell, and commission and use.


We expect these improvements to cause a market shift in favour of Licensees, who will take a large part of the market segment away from non-Licensees.

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