SNAP!™ Licensable bags that open first time, every time     :    summary table





Zbag opening drawing

Xbag opening drawing

AUTO-pack diagram

Multi-Pack diagram

a better ...

... side-gusset bag

... flat side-weld bag

... machine bag

... multipocket bag


trash, leaf, garden, utility, produce, kitchen catcher, bin liners, bread bags, deli, self-serve, dry-cleaning, garment, subway sandwich, medpanel*...

*Also Ztube™ sleeving for medpanels and O.R. equipment covers

trash, leaf, garden, utility, produce, deli, sandwich, freezer, dispo-gloves, ...

automated packaging, short-run (bag can be opened by machine), e.g. 20 tonnes carrots from Acme Farms

semi-automated short-run packaging, 2-or-more pouches side-by-side, easily opened by operator

advantage (to user)

ease, hygiene, saved time, fewer wasted bags

ease, hygiene, saved time, fewer wasted bags

+ machine operable

easily used in semi-auto packaging (simple machinery)

advantage (to seller)

fewer customer complaints, offer new level of convenience

fewer customer complaints, offer new level of convenience

~new application~ (collaboration opportunity for machinery seller)

~new application~ (collaboration opportunity for machinery seller)


handles (like Tshirt or vest), or straight-top

sine-top or straight-top, & can have punched handle-holes (circular, kidney etc)

handles, straight top, etc.

any, but flat top expected


singles, stacks, rolls, wicketed, blocked (rack holes) etc.

singles, wicketed, rolls*

rolls or other

rolls or other



*side-by-side on roll:Xbags on roll, sketch



Of course, all can be printed; all can be made in any blown-film process (LDPE, HDPE, etc.)

All SNAP!™ bags use the same,easy, quick, 'grip and snap' method: grip the grasping points, and tug lightly -- it's a "snap", the bag opens because the back and front are pulled against each other and the cling lets go. (Be gentle, no need to rip the bag apart! ... a small movement will do it). Most of our products also show the right end for opening, but if you have the wrong end you will know that as soon as it failed to open the first time (turn over and 'snap' once).

Please note: this website omits many possible implementations which could use the technology in this IP (intellectual property). Contact us if you wish to use the technology in a way not listed on this site. To avoid infringing this IP, be sure you understand what the IP is; briefly, and with absolutely no intention to replace or limit the meaning of the technical legal language, the IP includes several means of implementation of the method of separating adhering layers by tensioning them in opposing directions, so as to shear them apart. A patent is not like a registered design, one does not get around a patent by trivial change to a colour or texture or dimension or a shape that has no consequence to the performance of the product. You can make all the usual public-domain flat or gusseted bags, but once you use our IP to make them better and easier to open etc., you are using our technology and you can expect us to come knocking to collect back royalties, damages, costs, etc. (better to negotiate a License -- for a small royalty you can join the team and have access to the IP, and the marketing tools, graphics, etc., and we'll be able to refer people to you in your area). If in doubt, check. You don't have to take our word for it -- public resources are available to you in most countries to help you determine what is infringement and what is not (e.g., in Canada, contact the Canadian Intellectual Property Office; search on web for "CIPO" and then look for 'business advisor').

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