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All SNAP!™ bags operate on the same, easy, quick, 'grip and snap' method: grip the grasping points, and tug lightly -- it's a "snap", the bag opens because the back and front are pulled against each other and the cling lets go (no need to tug hard ... a small easy motion will do it). If it doesn't open, you have the wrong end.

SNAP!™  Zbag

 Zbag on roll, sample from Norway      Zbag, opening seq., photo
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Zbags™ are side gusseted bags with SNAP's proprietary technology.
can be in T-shirt style, but they're not ordinary Tshirt bags ...
... Zbag's "EDGE-STRIP" feature makes opening First-Time-Every-Time.

How do Zbags'edge strips™ work? ... a cross-section shows:
        Zbag how-it-works   ... edge strips allow the front and back to be independently grasped and sheared apart with a light tug. This disrupts static cling, ensures reliable opening:   Fuss-Free ... First-Time-Every-Time.

Zbags are a subtle change from the conventional gusseted bags, and conversion is easy (ridiculously easy, you can do it even without stopping the machine!).

Zbags are great for all usual uses of side-gusseted bags.

FINISHING: they don't have to be T-shirt style -- may be with/out handles, on rolls, stacks, wickets, etc., for ...
USES: utility, deli, lunch, parts, bin-liner, trash, laundry, doorknob, shopping, produce, sandwich, pallet covers, dry-cleaning/garment bags/tube, and clean-sleeves (for medical equipment handles where sterilisation isn't an option -- doctors & dentists use tons of them)
PRESENTATION: they can be on rolls, wickets, racks, etc.

Bye-bye fussing and wasting time!
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Z-bags™ are great for thin-gauge produce bags on a roll, because they open so easily. As T-shirt style bags they're adopted in Norway. Z-bags are a natural to improve the ordinary T-bags that have gained ground in Europe and Canada as produce bags, because they work well on rolls and the handles can be knotted so there's no need for bag ties.

Z-bags™ bags are already improving hygiene in Europe. Z-bags in T-shirt style on rolls are in fresh produce departments. The new reliability and ease of opening eliminates the incentive to lick fingers, so customers have a cleaner and more hygeinic store environment.

Manufacturing & specifying

With Z-bags™, manufacturers can eliminate a worry about cling and cold-welding and batches then being returned due to difficulty in opening.

User guides for Zbags: a double-headed horizontal arrow with instruction "tug edge strips to open", or show the gripping regions by using printed dots, or ~6mm punchouts (or other indicia) in the projecting pleat near the mouth. These in the context of the Zbag™ are a trademark of Snap Film Technologies. Users are free to use poster material on this site to help acquaint employees & customers with the SNAP!™ features.

These bags require no special machinery or materials to make!  In standard production machinery, the gusset guides are adjustable to allow the operator to make the gussets as perfectly even as possible, but here we have shown that there is an advantage to 'going the other way'. Even operators who have never seen or heard of the Snap!™ architecture will, once they see it, quickly figure out how to produce it. All you do is adjust the gusset guides so the diagonally opposite gussets are usefully (grippably) larger (no good if they are both larger on the same side, it must be 'diagonal').

For rolls to be used vertically, size the core so that it reaches the roll edge and will support the roll when on a vertical dispenser spike.

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