SNAP!™ Xbag™    ...    see also page: How To Make Xbag™

What are Xbags? ... FLAT bags with the SNAP™ feature that lets them open reliably, offering convenience, economy, better hygiene and wage savings through time savings.    Like all SNAP™ products, it opens FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME, even wearing gloves. The technology is elegantly simple and works with thin/inexpensive materials, so it can still be an economy bag.

Xbag opening photos

Bye-bye fussing and wasting time!
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What applications? ... for BIG bags: refuse/trash bags, leaf, garden etc; and for SMALL bags: produce, parts, sandwich, etc.   
What finishings? ... anything you can do with any other flat bag: handle holes, doorknob holes, etc.
What presentations? ...
singles (usual for large bags) or rolls -- side-by-side -- for convenience, esp. with smaller bags
What materials? ... just as you use now, or simpler
Technical: Xbags are usually side-welded, as are many if not most flat bags.

"How does it work"? Purely mechanically, via the special architecture. The Xbag™ has alternating (one at left front, one at right rear, etc.) reveals or weakenings near the top edges. The grip holes™ show top-of-bag and where-to-grip. That lets you grip the front and back independently and, with a light tug, shear them against one another for the entire distance between the grasping points; this breaks the interlayer cling and the bag is open.

Xbag how-it-works Shown in cross section of top of bag: "grasping points" are where you can grip just one panel, and there's one for the front and one for the back, so a light tug pulls them in opposite directions, opening the bag. They work like the "edge strips™" of a Zbag. "Grip holes" show where to grip (where grasping points are), and show which end is top.

"Why didn't I think of that?" They say "necessity is the mother of invention", but really frustration is what makes you notice the "necessity" for a better way. Then you get thinking. If you're interested, read our section on searching patents, and go play with the patent databases (it's free and you can learn a lot). Drop us a message and tell us how you made out.

The "bag with the hole in it"™: the little extra punch-holes are merely a top-of-bag and where-to-grip indication, and are a SNAP™ trademark.

... click to see how easy it is to MANUFACTURE, how to put the Xbag on ROLLS (if you didn't know already, can you guess how to put them on rolls?)

Xbags on rolls ... and more photos showing the principle

"Tug at grip holes, it opens instantly!" ™

Xbag drawing

... and here's how you put it on rolls ... side-to-side:

Xbag on roll, sketch

Here are models showing the front and back in different colours for visibility -- usually the entire bag would be the same colour.

Xbag, photo showing cutouts
1. reveals/weakenings make grasping points ...
Xbag: grasping points at cutouts
2. ...that allow you to Grasp front and back separately near mouth of bag
Xbag, a light tug opens
3. ... when you tug (just a quarter inch is enough) you pull front and back in opposite directions, breaking the cling, and that's why it's open (first time, every time)

Note on Punched-hole indicia:
        top-of-bag and where-to-grip indicators ( they are a SNAP trademark)

Xbags™ are usually not printed, but a 6mm punchout or something similar on the parts of the panels exposed by the cutout will draw users' attention to that spot. Users will learn to "grab the holes and tug". This requires another punch, but it remains a single process and you don't have to print (besides, you get the cutouts back for recycling). NOTE: punched-hole indicia and like devices at the reveals functioning as top-of-bag and where-to-grip indicators are a trademark of SNAP.     back to top

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