SFT eliminates the well-known problem of bags being often tough to open. Even in thin, economy, single-use bags---e.g. laundry, trash, carry, produce, sandwich, freezer, leaf, utility---in short, any flat sidewelded bag or any side-gusseted bag.

"Opens first time, every time"™ can now be offered in economy bags, the biggest market segment.

Licensing available for qualified manufacturers, marketers, retailers, supermarkets, and corporate users.

End-user advantages for marketing:

   Hygiene advantage
  Economic advantage

  lead to your advantage through:
 Industry strategic implications

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You're not just selling resin. You're selling bags. Bags can be high or low quality. SFT offers you the chance to License the SNAP™ brand and technology, to add quality without adding price, to build your market share.

Different markets look for high or low price; but no market wants a lower quality for the same price. Nobody goes looking to buy the worst bag.

Every bag you sell is either for use by the buyer's staff, or for resale to another corporation, or for retail sale.

Every bag is ultimately used by a person.

Good quality outsells bad quality at the same price. That's obvious.

Therefore, your sales are eventually determined by how well your bag performs in the hands of the end-user, regardless of whether the end-user actually buys the bags or the employer buys them.

How well the bag opens will determine how much time is wasted by the end-user. This determines efficiency and satisfaction.

If the end-user is the buyer, the motivation is clear for choosing a bag that won't fight back, that will open "first time, every time"™.

Likewise, if the end-user is an employee of a business or institution that buys the bags, then better bags clearly are of benefit because they reduce wasted time, reduce wasted materials, improve efficiency, and in short save money.

These examples show why your customers need better bags, need SNAP™ bags. They will see this need eventually, whether you tell them or not, because they already have a latent need.

Here are some examples, but see also the pages directed at marketers, retailers, supermarkets, corporate customers and consumers who could be your customers.

Expense-side bag uses:

Just because it's expense-side doesn't mean nobody cares! It may mean it takes longer for the actual buyer to catch on, but eventually they will.

Example 1: Let's consider a custodial department employee whose gross salary with overhead, pension contributions, etc. is $20K. The employee's time costs you about 1/3 of a cent per second. Give that employee a bad bag that wastes 7 seconds, and it costs you 2 cents. If that wasted time was not more enjoyable for the employee than the rest of their work cycle, you can add more waste because of frustration. I.e. the bad bag may waste even more time than it takes just to get it open. The wasted time could be worth more than you paid for the bag. (And yet the better bag will cost you about the same, but save the 'hidden' costs so it is almost like getting the bag for free.)

If that bad bag was a deli bag, you probably more than doubled your actual cost of the bag.

Example 2: a City Council supplies doggie-doo bags in parks. They are notoriously hard to open. Some citizens don't bother picking up dog mess because the bags won't open. Some use the bags without opening, which means they can't pick up anything big or they need several to do the job. Some citizens take handfuls home so they can open them where it's warm, and then carry them back to the park. Either way, bad bags actually cost much more than their apparent price. Probably 2 to 5 times as much, and if the bad bags are resulting in a mess that Council employees have to deal with then it's an even greater cost.

But SNAP™ technology applied to doggie-doo bags will mean bags that open promptly in all weather, even if the user is wearing gloves. These better bags will improve citizen compliance with dog-clean-up bylaws, and will give overall savings as well.


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