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Proper association by customers of the NAMES with the PRODUCTS is essential for successful promotion.

This area provides the guidance on how to label SNAP!™ products, and provides downloadable graphics files and approved text to be used. We hope these will help you in marketing, by helping develop customers' association of our brands with the ease of use that our technology provides.

™s & protocols uses some acronyms (FNL, PNL, SCI, PAT, LMI, and IHO) to identify key information fields that are important for your License.

These represent NAMES used for the Family (FNL) of products and for each Product (PNL), what bits-of-information have to be included with product, documentation, packaging etc. ... also explained are how to use IHO (Information-How-to-Open) so that buyers and customers alike can benefit from the features of SNAP™ products, and gives your products an additional recognition feature.

SCI (Snap Contact Information) and PAT (patent information) helps alert your competitors that they are not your competitors in this market if they don't also have a license.

LMI (Licensee/Manufacturer Information) are codes that let a product be identified to Licensee and Manufacturer.

The page also explains the protocols for where and how to include essential and optional information. This is much like the information found on many patented bag products that are already on the market.

Some examples are provided to show how the key information for particular products can be arranged.

Graphic resources provides the logos, and graphic devices for FNL, PNL and IHO.

Brochures, sample labels includes downloadable brochures and information sheets that you can include with samples that you show to customers.

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